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Continuous Security Monitoring in a Continuous World

The massive moving forces of innovation and security threats today are crushing the average enterprise IT department. The only way for IT to adapt their networks to the forces of change in technology is to ensure that security evolves just as quickly as the infrastructure and the threats. The only way for this kind of dynamic security to take hold is through continuous security monitoring.

This eBook will show you how to create an effective continuous security monitoring program.


Top 5 Ways IT Executives Risk Irrelevance

The traditional IT department as we know it faces a huge inflection point. While the majority of CEOs today see technology as the driving factor for true business growth and transformation, IT executives have a bad reputation for executing on the promise of innovation.

The basic ingredients haven't changed - all IT is based on people, processes, and technologies, but if you are applying them in the same way today as you did five years ago, as an IT leader, you are risking irrelevance. This eBook will help you avoid that fate.